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Commanderie de la Romagne




There is no village to cross to reach the top of the hill overlooking the
large green pasture. There in the past, sheperds and their herds, reapers
and villagers were numerous. Cars are few on the quaint country roads,
making it easy to walk and bike. It is possible to take a small boat down
the river or to just watch the barges down the canal near by.
In the proximity, you will find many villages clustered around beautiful,
very old churches: Saint Maurice sur Vingeanne where part of the church's
main altar comes from the chapel of La Romagne, Montormentier, Isomes,


Eglise d'Aubigny.

Saint Seine sur Vingeanne,amongst others...

You will also discover castles: Rosieres and its dungeon,

Château de Rosières

 Fontaine-Francaise and its lake,

Château de Fontaine-Française

 Beaumont, Champlitte and its small museum dedicated to peasant life.

Couvent des Augustins.

Also in Champlitte, you can buy excellent local wines from the vines planted
where in the past the Templars had their vineyards..These were the same
founding Knights of La Romagne, followed in 1312 by the Knights of St John
of Jerusalem (future Knights of Malta).

Vignes à Champlitte.

You will drink these wines with great pleasure  accompanied by regional
fresh cheeses.

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